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Easy accounting for startups, small businesses and contractors.
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Easy to use, great value and good looking

Small Business Accounting Software

Small Business Accounting

Bionic Books was written solely for small business accounting. It is simple, straightforward and appropriate for small business accounting needs.


Most accounting software has to be installed, backed up, updated and looked after. Bionic Books is online accounting software, which means you're not tied to a desk, you can use it on a Mac, in Windows or on your mobile. Online means that no worrying about installation or upgrades, and we backup your data nightly.

Tax Accounting

Easily keep track of sales tax liabilities, whether VAT or multilevel sales taxes in the US, which will keep HMRC and the IRS happy

Help and Discussion

Share tips, ask questions and find people in the same situation in our online community.

Simple Accounting

Most accounting software is difficult to understand - accounting software written for bean counters. We're different; we avoid accounting jargon, providing help and explanations in clearly written, non-technical, non-accounting language.

Great Value

Bionic Books is excellent value compared to competing accounting software. We offer a free single user account (not just a trial, and no hidden charges), which you don't get with any other accounting software package.

Contractor Accounting

Bionic Books maintains your accounts with an up to date balance sheet and profit and loss statement. If you are a contractor this will significantly reducing (and maybe eliminate) the work you pay your accountant to do.

Free Account

Cash can be very tight when starting a small business. This is why we offer a free account option with all of the basic functionality you'll need - no strings attached.